Short therapy

Short therapy can often be the quickest way to get support and care when you’re going through a tough time. You can book your first appointment without needing a referral – and often, we have slots available for the same day or the next day.

Even if it may feel distant right now, just a few sessions can really help clarify your thoughts and give you a new perspective on life. And the best part? Most of our short therapists are licensed psychologists approved by Valvira. They offer sessions both online and at our Heltti-clinics, from Helsinki to Oulu.

WHAT does short therapy cost

Starting at 95 € / 45 min

You can find therapist-specific prices in each therapist’s profile as well as when booking online for each therapist’s services.

When should i consider short therapy?

Your well-being is starting to disrupt your daily life or relationships in various ways. You are concerned about your situation and seek help for it.

The duration of short therapy is typically around 5-20 sessions, depending on your situation. An expert can assess your situation and the extent of support needed during the initial session.

Why withHeltti?


You can trust our expertise. With us, you know you’ll receive the best service in the field. We have carefully selected therapists with high-quality backgrounds and suitability for our team.

Impact and effectiveness

Changes in numbers: In 2023, we were able to offer therapy to 2,190 clients. Nearly all of them experienced an improvement in their work capacity, and on a satisfaction scale of 1–5, the average rating was 4.2.

Short therapy is more effective than previously thought. In short therapy, we don’t try to solve everything at once, but instead focus on 1–2 specific issues. A change in one area of life and the experience of how challenges can be faced in life or work often lead to a positive chain reaction. Positive change leads to more positive change.


Long-term psychotherapy is not the best solution for everyone. We recognize that different situations call for therapies of varying lengths, and we don’t recommend longer therapies than necessary. This allows for quicker access to therapy for clients and helps prevent problems from lingering. In 2023, our short-term therapies lasted an average of 6.8 sessions.

Starting therapy is easy:

Get to know our therapists

All our therapists are experts in their field, so you can simply choose someone you feel comfortable talking to. And if you ever feel the need, you can always switch therapists.

schedule your first appointment

Booking your first appointment is easy and you can do it conveniently on our website. You can choose between a remote or an in-person appointment with your selected therapist.

arrive to the appointment

Before your first appointment, you’ll receive a welcome email with easy-to-follow instructions for both in-person and remote meetings.

Short Therapy FAQ

We’ve gathered here a few of the most frequently asked questions about short-term therapy. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can contact us directly by emailing our therapists or sending us a message on Instagram: @with.heltti. However, please refrain from sharing any sensitive information with us via Instagram for security reasons.

Meet our therapists

Here you can find all the mental health experts providing short therapy at withHeltti. If you want to book your first appointment as quickly as possible, click here to see the available short-term therapy slots. Often, appointments are even available for the next day. The most important thing is to take the first step: that’s where the knots start to unravel.