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withHeltti – what is it about?

No matter how you’re feeling, know that you’re always welcome here! Step into a space where Heltti’s psychotherapists and short therapists are here to offer high-quality therapy services tailored just for you. Explore a selection of content crafted by our mental health experts, covering a wide array of topics to support your well-being. Come as you are, and let’s embark on this journey together!


Short therapy

Book an appointment for short therapy when your well-being starts to disrupt your everyday life.


Book an appointment for psychotherapy when you have been feeling unwell for a longer period of time.

Couples therapy

Book an appointment for couples therapy preventively or to resolve and get
through a crisis.

Family therapy

Book an appointment for family therapy preventively, to resolve a crisis and to get through tough times.

Youth therapy

Therapy for adolescents – when challenges of mental well-being starts to disrupt daily life, and you need support.

Mind Care

Book an appointment to Mind Care when you need to air out and organize your thoughts and worries.

Why withHeltti?

You can trust in our expertise. With us, you know you’ll receive top-notch service in our field. We have selected only therapists whose backgrounds and suitability are of high quality.

Long-term psychotherapy is not the best solution for everything. We recognize that different situations call for therapies of varying lengths, and we do not recommend longer therapies than necessary. This allows for faster access to therapy for clients and helps prevent problems from lingering. In 2023, our short-term therapies lasted an average of 6.8 sessions.

What is withHeltti?

withHeltti brings together high-quality therapy along with content on mental well-being and mental health. Over 90 experienced psychotherapists, couple and family therapists, and short-term therapists are here for you.

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