Insurance covered therapy

Insurance-covered short therapy and short-term psychotherapy are therapies covered by, for example, one’s own health insurance or an employer-provided mental health insurance.

Investing in mental health pays off multiple times over. For this reason, an employer may support employees experiencing symptoms or illness by providing effective treatment through a mental health insurance policy. As a private individual, you may also have health insurance that covers either short therapy provided by a psychologist or short-term psychotherapy provided by a psychotherapist.

Insurance-covered short therapy is not tied to any specific service provider, so after receiving your insurance decision, you can find a suitable therapist from any service provider. When choosing a therapist, it’s good to confirm with your insurance company what requirements they have regarding the professional’s education. At Heltti, you’ll find both experienced psychologists and psychotherapists who offer remote sessions or appointments at our locations from Helsinki to Oulu.

What does short therapy cost?

Starting from 95 € / 45 min

You can see the therapist-specific prices in each therapist’s profile as well as in the online booking system under each therapist’s services. Learn more about our pricing.

when to consider insurance covered therapy?

Your well-being is already starting to disrupt your everyday life or your relationships in different ways. You are concerned about your situation and want help with it.

Insurance policies vary in terms of how many sessions they cover. Typically, the reimbursable number of sessions is between 10 and 20. Insurance agreements also vary regarding whether the treatment is covered once during the insurance period, periodically during the insurance period, or only once per individual customer. Once you know the insurance reimbursement terms, you can plan together with the professional how to schedule or distribute the sessions covered by insurance, taking into account the effectiveness of the treatment.

Why withHeltti?


You can trust our expertise. With us, you know you’ll receive the best service in the field. We have carefully selected therapists with high-quality backgrounds and suitability for our team.

Impact and effectiveness

Changes in numbers: In 2023, we were able to offer therapy to 2,190 clients. Nearly all of them experienced an improvement in their work capacity, and on a satisfaction scale of 1–5, the average rating was 4.2.


Long-term psychotherapy is not the best solution for everyone. We recognize that different situations call for therapies of varying lengths, and we don’t recommend longer therapies than necessary.

Here’s how you can access insurance-covered therapy:

Visit a doctor and wait for the insurance decision

For insurance-covered short therapy, you always need a referral from a doctor. After this, you can apply for insurance approval.

You can start your short therapy sessions as soon as you have received the insurance decision from the insurance company regarding coverage for therapy. It’s advisable to inquire with your insurance company about the specific requirements for the insurance decision.

Book your first appointment

Booking your first appointment is easy and you can do it conveniently on our website. You can choose between remote or in-person appointments with the therapist of your choice who meets the educational requirements of your insurance. You’ll find both psychologists and psychotherapists approved by Valvira.

All our short therapists are top professionals in their field, so after meeting the educational requirements, all you need to do is choose who you feel comfortable talking to. You can always switch therapists if needed.

Arrive to the appoinment

Before your first appointment, you’ll receive a welcome letter via email, which includes easy-to-follow instructions for both in-person and remote meetings.

Please bring along the payment authorization decision from your insurance company, which includes the claim number, to your first appointment. Without the payment authorization, we’ll have to bill you directly for the visit.

Please note that insurance companies do not cover appointments that haven’t been canceled according to the terms and conditions.

Short Therapy FAQ

We’ve gathered here a few of the most frequently asked questions about short-term therapy. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can contact us directly by emailing our therapists or sending us a message on Instagram: @with.heltti. However, please refrain from sharing any sensitive information with us via Instagram for security reasons.

Meet our short-therapists

Here you can find all the mental health experts providing short therapy at withHeltti. If you want to book your first appointment as quickly as possible, click here to see the available short-term therapy slots. Often, appointments are even available for the next day. The most important thing is to take the first step: that’s where the knots start to unravel.