Therapy in Turku

Are you looking for therapy in Turku? In our cozy and welcoming location in Turku, we have a team of therapists ready to help. Almost all of our therapists have backgrounds in psychology and/or psychotherapy.

Therapy services in Turku

  • Short Therapy
  • Mind Care
  • Psychotherapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Crisis- or consultation meetings

you can also book an online therapy appointment!

The majority of our therapists also offer therapy sessions online, allowing you to easily and quickly access appointments from the comfort of your own home. This way, you can choose a therapist from more distant locations if you prefer.

withHeltti: Our location in Turku

The atmosphere at our location is quite welcoming and cozy. In our waiting area – which we fondly call “Lempi Caf’e”, you’re invited to enjoy a cup of tea or sample specialty coffees, relax, or even engage in some knitting if you like. Your therapist will personally greet you in the waiting area and escort you to the therapy room.

We’re here to assist and support you through various demanding life situations, providing a trustworthy professional to accompany you along the way. Delivering impactful and top-notch therapy is our priority. All our therapists have a solid educational background, and we continuously enhance our expertise through diverse training programs.

why choose us for therapy?

  • Qualifications: We have carefully selected therapists with high-quality backgrounds and suitability. Almost all of them are psychologists and/or psychotherapists by background.
  • Responsibility: The most important thing is to schedule an appointment for your first visit to get help as early as possible. Our expertise is to assist you moving forward from there.



Humalistonkatu 6, 4. floor.
20100 Turku

Why withHeltti?


You can trust in our expertise. We have carefully selected therapists with high-quality backgrounds and suitability. Most of our short therapists are psychologists, and in addition to them, you’ll find psychotherapists, psychotherapy students, other healthcare professionals with Valvira professional titles, and social psychologists among us.

Impact and effectiveness

Changes in numbers: In 2023, we were able to offer therapy to 2,190 clients. Nearly all of them experienced an improvement in their work capacity, and on a satisfaction scale of 1–5, the average rating was 4.2.

Short therapy is more effective than commonly thought. In short therapy, we don’t try to address everything at once but focus on 1–2 specific, defined issues. Creating change in one area of life and experiencing how challenges can be confronted often leads to a positive chain reaction. Positive change begets more positive change.


Long-term psychotherapy is not always the best solution for everyone. We recognize that different situations require different durations of therapy, and we do not recommend longer therapy than necessary. This allows for quicker access to therapy for you as a client and helps prevent problems from lingering, making treatment easier and faster. If you’re unsure about the right treatment approach, book an initial session with us for short-term therapy, where the therapist will assess the appropriate course of action. In 2023, our short-term therapy sessions lasted an average of 6.8 visits.

Social responsibility is important to us: To support the mental well-being of Finns, we allocate our resources to produce free mental health content. Our aim is to enable equal access to reliable mental health information provided by mental health professionals. By choosing us as your therapy provider, you also support this work.

Meet our Turku based therapists

You can book a therapy appointment online (only in Finnish) or send email directly to the therapist ( Also keep in mind, that most of our therapists also offer online sessions!