Kela therapy, or rehabilitation psychotherapy, is a form of therapy supported by society for individuals, couples, or families. It is often chosen when challenges are long-lasting and more severe, and when treatment aims to ensure a sufficiently long, goal-oriented, and effective form of therapy tailored to your or your needs.

From the Kela website, you can find instructions on how to apply for Kela-supported rehabilitation psychotherapy. Read the instructions here. You can also undergo a psychotherapy period — such as short-term psychotherapy — privately or start psychotherapy privately before deciding on Kela’s rehabilitation psychotherapy.

What does kela-therapy cost?

Starting at 105 € / 45 min

You can see the specific prices for each therapist on their profile as well as when booking appointments online for each therapist’s services. Learn more about our pricing. If Kela grants rehabilitation psychotherapy, Kela covers 57.60€ per session.

When to consider kela-therapy?

It is advisable to apply for Kela therapy when mental health challenges have persisted and problems have deepened, requiring longer-term support to address your situation.

Kela-therapy – How to apply:

You can apply for Kela therapy if:

  • You are 16-67 years old
  • You have mental health-related challenges, such as depression or anxiety, that interfere with your ability to work or study
  • You have received at least 3 months of appropriate treatment since the diagnosis of the mental disorder
  • Based on a psychiatrist’s statement, it can be assessed that rehabilitation psychotherapy is necessary to support or improve your work or study ability.


For Kela therapy, you need a B-statement issued by a psychiatrist. You can obtain a referral to a psychiatrist from:

  • Public healthcare
  • Occupational healthcare
  • Privately, at your own expense, from private healthcare

Book an appointment with a psychiatrist

Once the psychiatrist has diagnosed you, a 3-month treatment and evaluation period will begin.

Find a suitable psychotherapist for you

If possible, visit a couple of therapists for introductory sessions. It’s important to find a therapist who feels right for you.

Visit the psychiatrist again

After at least 3 months have passed since the first meeting, the psychiatrist will evaluate your situation and write a B-statement for Kela therapy.

Submit the application to Kela

Fill out the application form provided by Kela and attach the B-statement to it. Kela support begins only after the approval decision has been made.

Start the psychotherapy

Psychotherapy typically lasts 1–3 years. The application to Kela must be renewed annually.

Why withHeltti?


You can trust our expertise. With us, you know you’ll receive the best service in the field. We have carefully selected therapists with high-quality backgrounds and suitability for our team.

Impact and effectiveness

Impact in numbers: In 2023, we were able to offer therapy to 2,190 clients. Nearly all of them experienced an improvement in their work capacity, and on a satisfaction scale of 1–5, the average rating was 4.2.


Long-term psychotherapy is not the best solution for everyone. We recognize that different situations call for therapies of varying lengths, and we don’t recommend longer therapies than necessary.

Starting therapy is easy:

Get to know our therapists

All our therapists excel in their field, giving you the freedom to select someone you feel comfortable confiding in. If necessary, you can always switch therapists.

schedule your first appointment

Booking your first appointment is easy and you can do it conveniently on our website. You can choose between a remote or an in-person appointment with your selected therapist.

arrive to the appointment

Before your first appointment, you’ll receive a welcome email with easy-to-follow instructions for both in-person and remote meetings.

FAQ: Kela-therapy

We have gathered here some of the most frequently asked questions regarding psychotherapy supported by Kela. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you can contact us via email ( or directly to your therapist (, or by sending a message on Instagram: @with.heltti. However, please do not share any sensitive information with us via Instagram for security reasons.

Meet our KELA-therapists

Here you can find all the mental health professionals at Heltti who provide KELA- and short therapy. If you want to schedule your first appointment as quickly as possible, click here and see a summary of available time slots. Often, appointments are even available for the next day. The most important thing is to take the first step: that’s where the knots start to unravel.