About me

I am a psychotherapist and psychiatric nurse, and I have worked in psychiatric outpatient clinics and departments, in child protection, as a lecturer, trainer, and in the private sector.
Through my work with clients, I have noticed that in the background of mental health challenges there are often quite ordinary problems related to everyday life, relationships, coping and adaptation, which for one reason or another have dragged on and slowly started to become an obstacle to a full and meaningful life.

You are welcome to book an appointment when you want to understand yourself more deeply or find new ways to promote your well-being. I can meet you alone or with someone close to you.

It is important to me that you can come to my clinic as yourself and tell your story in your own voice. A cooperative relationship that respects your uniqueness is the basis of my work. As an expert in your own life you have the most relevant information, which I, based on my experience and education, can help you find and bring to the fore. In my work I use an integrative approach that combines different therapy frameworks. I also use solution-focused brief therapy methods.

I try to approach your situation as comprehensively as possible. In addition to the problem you are experiencing, we also pay attention to your life situation, your lifestyle, your relationships, your relationship with yourself and your own body, your values, your resources, and also your life history from the perspective of how it affects your current situation.

In couple psychotherapy I use emotion-focused and resource-oriented methods. The focus is on what happens between spouses when the mutual emotional connection is in danger of being broken, and together we build a safer emotional relationship by discussing and doing exercises. In family therapy we explore with discussions and functional methods what the family’s functioning capacity, resources and strengths are, and what are the difficulties that should be overcome.

A warm welcome to my clinic with the things that occupy your mind. I have space for self-paying individual and couple psychotherapy clients as well as Kela-compensated family and couple psychotherapy clients. You can inquire about appointment times by email if you can’t find a time convenient for you in the electronic booking. Sessions can also be held online.

Services and prices:

  • KELA psychotherapy
  • Crisis consultations – 180 € / 60 min
  • Solution-focused brief therapy – 120 € / 45 min
  • Couple therapy – 180 € / 90 min
  • Family therapy – 180 € / 90 min
  • Psychotherapy – 120 € / 45 min

You can book appointment online (only in Finnish) or send email directly to the therapist (firstname.lastname@heltti.fi)