About me

As life can challenge us in many ways, no matter what has caused the problem, it is good to look for help when your own strength and abilities are not sufficient to get you through.

As a qualified psychologist and a psychotherapist (integrative-cognitive) in training, my passion is to help you through any challenge. Together we explore your strengths, investigate the reason behind your problems and find solutions for a more balanced lifestyle and approach. Working in a reflecting and active manner we can get a better understanding of, and insight, to yourself and your situation, which in return can help you progress. To support you best, my working style is open, active and solution orientated.

I am well versed with helping people who struggle with different kinds of psychological problems and in different life situations, and I have worked with people in different ages: children, youth and adults. Topics concerning emotional and relational problems, families, parenthood and the welbeing, development and psychological issues of children and youth are familiar to me. No matter your challenge or concern, together we can find a way forward!

Services and prices:

  • Crisis or consultation appointment – 180 € / 60 min
  • Mielenhuolto – 20 min 65 €, 45 min 120 € (inc. tax. 24%)
  • Psychotherapy by therapist in training
  • Short therapy – 110 € / 45 min

You can book appointment online (only in Finnish) or send email directly to the therapist (firstname.lastname@heltti.fi)