Marina Maatela

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About me

Life can bring along sudden changes, accidents or other different crises, that might involve your health, your work or the relationships in your private life. One might reserve an appointment with me for many various reasons.

When changes bring uncertainty, while living in tricky situations and trying to solve problematic relationship issues at work or home – Sometimes talking to an external expert can help you to structurize and sort out your thoughts and it might give you emotional relief to share your worries from today or from the past. Sometimes it is important to recognize the stressors in your life and find a work life balance. Various exercises can for example, ease and bring solutions to feelings of inadequacy, stress, tension, insomnia and other issues that are bothersome. There are no wrong or too small reasons to look me up and come and have a cup of tea and evaluate if I am the person You want to share Your thoughts with.

My working languages are Swedish, Finnish and English.

Services and prices:

  • KELA psychotherapy – Currently no space for new Kela-clients
  • Psychotherapy
  • Short therapy

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