About me

I am an experienced psychologist studying to become a psychotherapist at the University of Helsinki.

I am happy to help you in all kinds of life situations and you can come to me to find new ways to live a meaningful life in accordance with your values! We will work with you to tailor a treatment that is right for you, taking into account your needs, wishes and overall life situation.

I am currently training as a cognitive-integrative psychotherapist for adults. In cognitive therapies, the main focus of work are thoughts and beliefs as well as emotions related to those thoughts that are causing symptoms or other negative consequences in the client’s life. The latest adaptations in cognitive therapy use a number of therapeutic elements, such as emotion-focused and experiential approaches and mindfulness training.

As our work would be a part of my psychotherapy training, it involves close supervision of my work, i.e. the psychotherapy student deals with the treatment relationship with an experienced supervisor, in complete confidentiality. I am interested in all stages of adulthood and the psychology of ageing is one of my interests.

A warm welcome to my practice!

Services and prices:

  • Psychotherapy by therapist in training
  • Short therapy – 95 € / 45 min

You can book appointment online (only in Finnish) or send email directly to the therapist (firstname.lastname@heltti.fi)

Education and experience

Education: I am an psychologist studying to become a psychotherapist.

Experience: Before applying for psychotherapy training, I worked as a psychologist supporting clients in a variety of life crises and turning points, in the schools and in specialised healthcare. I also have experience of working as a manager and I have worked in a variety of specialist roles in relation to forensic psychology.


“Carefully listening, insightful and active psychologist!”