About me

I am a psychologist and cognitive-analytic psychotherapist. I am also a Master of Education and a music therapist. I offer short-term therapy, psychotherapy and individual consultations. I work in Finnish, Swedish and English. We can also meet remotely.

You are welcome to contact me if you look for help and support for different kinds of psychological problems. It can be problems that have come suddenly and form a crisis in your life or problems that have developed gradually. Together we form an understanding of your situation and of what help would be most beneficial for you.

The most common reasons to book therapy session with me: Common problems that I have worked with are: depression, anxiety and worry, stress, exhaustion, difficulties with self-esteem, difficulties in relationships, challenges in parenting, adaptation difficulties, trauma or crisis of different kind.

Services and prices:

  • Crisis or consultation appointment – 180 € / 60 min
  • KELA psychotherapy – No availability for new Kela-customers
  • Psychotherapy – 125 € / 45 min
  • Short therapy – 125 € / 45 min

You can book appointment online (only in Finnish) or send email directly to the therapist (firstname.lastname@heltti.fi)

Working methods

As a therapist I listen carefully, I am empathetic, active and warm. Important for me is to create a calm and safe atmosphere so we can pause and turn our focus towards your inner world. Your needs are at the center of the therapy, I strive towards adjusting my working approach towards what is important in each individual relationship and therapy process.

My therapeutic framework is cognitive-analytic and integrative. We start by together creating a deep understanding of your feelings, thoughts and patterns of acting that causes problems in your life. We then actively explore what is hindering you from reaching the change you long for and look for new ways for you to feel better. Sometimes a short goal-oriented process is the best help, sometime there is a need for a longer process with support from the therapy relationship.

I use different methodologies and exercises flexibly and when needed. Creating a safe and trustful working relationship is central.

Education and experience

Before training to be a psychologist I have worked with planning, teaching and research in learning and education at a university for many years. It has given me a thorough understanding of individual learning and prerequisites for individual change that I can also use in my work as a psychotherapist. I have also lived in China and Sweden for many years.

I have a broad experience of meeting individuals and families in need of support. I have worked with children, youth, adults and families as a psychologist in primary- and secondary school as well as high school for many years. Since 2020 I have worked as a psychologist/psychotherapist with adults and young adults with both actively change-oriented therapies and longer psychotherapeutic processes at Shortum/Heltti.


“Certainly when I first met with you, I had a huge mess in my head. You helped me very well organize my thoughts and be more aware of the patterns in my life. Through the exercises that we did together I learned a lot about myself and it opened my eyes to issues that mean to me more than others. They were really effective. I also learned that I need to focus on myself more and give myself the time to relax and rejuvenate. Selfcare is a priority for me now!”

Customer of short-term psychotherapy