Laura Sinisalo

About me

As a psychotherapist I put an effort in creating a good working alliance with my clients. I’m open-minded and I like finding new perspectives that help my clients gain insight to their problems. My approach is also quite practical and for me it’s important that the results of therapy are visible in my clients’ wellbeing and daily life.

I’m a cognitive psychotherapist but I like integrating different therapeutic methods based on my clients’ needs. Sometimes it’s important to actively work on problematic thoughts and behavior, and sometimes to just stay with a difficult emotion and explore it with curiosity and compassion.

I have a long experience of working as a psychologist in specialized psychiatric care where I was trained to do cognitive therapy with people who suffer from severe psychiatric problems like psychosis. In that work I have gained experience in treating various problems like anxiety, OCD, depression, performance- and stress-related issues, trauma and life crises.

Services and prices:

  • KELA psychotherapy – No availability for new KELA customers
  • Psychotherapy – 120 € / 45 min
  • Short therapy – 120 € / 45 min

You can book appointment online (only in Finnish) or send email directly to the therapist (


“I feel that I have received a lot of help from Laura. I have been able to let go of unpleasant experiences from past and they don’t affect my life that much anymore. I have gained resources for studies and working life, and I’m able to see life in a positive light again!”


“Laura has a warm and customer-oriented way of working. She knows when to give space and when to be active for example in choosing suitable therapy methods or exercises.”